Property Management

Kirilauscas & Associates Realty LLC—Property Management Division offers property management services from single investor units to multi-family projects throughout Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. Our target market consists of single
-family residences, residential condominiums, residential multi-units, and small to medium size commercial buildings within the South East area of the State of Florida.

Property Management Mission:
Our mission to each property / portfolio owner is to relentlessly deliver professional and exceptional results by maximizing the return on investment by reaching optimum occupancy and operating efficiency.


We understand the values property owners seek in real estate companies to aid them in managing their assets. Its is with this in mind that we have created the following disciplines and resources:
1. Experience: Over 25 years combined in the Real Estate field
2. Communication: Constant updates and open lines of communication.
3. Technology: Internet literacy including web based interface/platform for Property Management, billing, etc.
4. Software: State of the Art RE management system.
5. In-house Man Power: Full-time staff solely dedicated towards the management of our Rental portfolio.
6. Meeting Deadlines: Key to not only preserving an effective and successful working relationship, but also attracting new business.
7. Budget: Working capital to quickly fund needed emergency repairs.
8. Methodology: On an on-going basis, we assess our performance thru constant communication with property/portfolio managers regarding feedback and results. In addition, thru the aid of our IT staff, we continually revise our processes to ensure efficiency and accuracy for the work we provide.

These variables, along with others, are rigorously measured, evaluated and re-evaluated to ensure top-of-the line service.